Live a purposeful life


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All people want to live a purposeful life. How can you live purposefully day in and day out? A Year of Purposeful Living, Two Core Processes: Meditation and Activation.

Live a purposeful life


Meditation looks for answers to questions about who you are, how you should live, and where you belong.

Reflective practices such as journaling, meditation, and guided imagery enable you to relax the mind and focus on the present moment, letting go of preconceived notions of who you think you are and instead becoming open and curious about what will happen.


Here are some meditative practices that you can try.


Review the events of the day every evening for five or ten minutes and ask yourself – which experiences were life-giving and which were life-draining? Were there any times when you felt particularly alive or felt “the flow”?


Try to do a regular practice of sitting for 10-20 minutes a day without a schedule, just notice what arises and let it go. A study conducted by researchers at the Mind and Brain Center found that practicing meditation increases one’s sense of purpose in life.


Keep a notebook where you can honestly express yourself. You might think about these basic questions: What experiences give me life? What life experiences drain? Allow yourself to write freely, without stopping to edit or worry about spelling and grammar.

Write your life story

Think about where you have been, the events that shaped who you are today, and the future you envision for yourself. What obstacles do you see in the future? How will you overcome them? Answering these questions will define your ideals and life’s meaning and purpose.

Attention to dreams

Set the intention to remember your dreams and keep a notebook by your bed to record when you wake up.Dreams let the subconscious mind work on difficulties people may not consciously realize. While few dreams are prophetic, they can provide accurate insights into personal needs, desires, and interests.


Activation live your truth. By acting on what you perceive about yourself, you are consciously creating an authentic life for yourself. Think of this process as gently synchronizing your outer life to match your inner life. When you learn to align your daily life with the moments that satisfy you and take advantage of your gifts, you will be better able to create a real and purposeful life – and the more benefits you will see.

“This is the true joy of life:

to be taken advantage of for a cause that defines you as a force; to be a force of nature rather than a frenzied and selfish collection of ailments and

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