Planting pomegranate seeds 


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كيفية زرع بذور الرمان

If your family, like many Moroccans, likes eating pomegranate seeds in the bowl, removing and washing the seeds might be a demanding chore. Or, if you’ve never tried to seed a pomegranate before, you might not know how to get the membrane off the seeds, which are naturally juicy.

I’ve discovered the below methods to be the most successful, particularly when growing a huge quantity of fruit. There are other approaches, but I usually return to this one after trying others.

How to extract the pomegranate’s seeds

  • Put a large basin inside the kitchen sink. It is easier to work over the sink because juice splashes and overall mess are reduced.
  • Cut the pomegranate in half or quarters lengthwise.You desire segments that fit comfortably in your concave hand. Examine the exposed seeds and dispose of any that are dull or defective.
  •  Hold a portion with the seed side facing downward over the bowl. This will aid in dispersing the seeds. Hold it with the seed side facing down, fingers slightly apart.
  •  Strike the back of the peel with a heavy spoon using quick, steady strokes. Proceed across the entirety of the section in your hand. With each blow, the seeds will separate from the membranes and fall directly into the bowl through open fingers. Select by hand any seeds that have not yet fallen off.
  •  Repeat the procedure with the other pomegranate parts.
  • Remove any large film fragments from the jar of pomegranate seeds.
  •  Fill the basin to the brim with water. Wash the seeds by turning them with your fingers and allowing small bits of film to float to the surface of the water. Strain or remove the floating pulp with a slotted spoon.
  •  Strain the seeds and, if necessary, repeat the washing process. Before using the seeds in dishes such as Moroccan pomegranate seeds or Moroccan pomegranate juice, allow them to dry completely.

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