How can motivation affect your performance


Motivation is key to any success story. No matter what you are up to, if you are not motivated enough, the goals you set and the plans you create for the future would probably not be fullfilled as you expect. so is the performance in boybuilding or fitness. I have been demotivate for so many years because of life stresses and strains until I got to understand how important to work on my inside motivation or how they call it, intrinsic motivation.

Before, I had to have an instrumental motivation to do things. Whter that be for money or for people; my family, my friends, my school teacher my job. Now I am fully aware that if I work on my inner motivation, I will make it and accomplish all my objectives.


I know that you might be lost thinking which type of motivation I am trying to tell you about. You dont havve to worry about this at all since there so many types and I am sure one of them is what you are concerned about.

Since I am a sports expert and nutritionist, I will confine this article to talking about the motivation to sports, well-being and nutrition. Still, I will shed light on the types of motivation that exist.

Intrinsic Motivation:

This type of motivation comes from within a person. It involves engaging in an activity or pursuing a goal for personal satisfaction, enjoyment, or a sense of accomplishment. Examples include pursuing hobbies, engaging in creative activities, or striving for personal growth.

Extrinsic Motivation:

Extrinsic motivation comes from external factors such as rewards, recognition, or punishments. Individuals are motivated by external incentives rather than personal satisfaction. Examples include working for a promotion, studying to earn good grades, or completing tasks to receive a bonus.

Achievement Motivation:

Achievement motivation is the drive to excel, accomplish goals, and reach high standards of performance. People with high achievement motivation are often motivated by challenging tasks, personal accomplishment, and the desire to outperform others.

Social Motivation:

This type of motivation is driven by the need for social interaction, approval, and belongingness. People with strong social motivation are motivated by the desire to be accepted, valued, and respected by others. Examples include seeking approval from peers, participating in group activities, or working in collaborative environments.

Power/Control Motivation:

Power or control motivation is the drive to influence, lead, or have authority over others. Individuals with high power motivation seek to exert control, make decisions, and have a significant impact on their environment. Examples include pursuing leadership positions, starting a business, or seeking positions of authority.

Fear Motivation:

Fear motivation arises from the desire to avoid negative consequences or threats. It involves being motivated by fear of failure, punishment, or loss. Fear motivation can push individuals to take action to prevent or minimize negative outcomes.

Financial Motivation:

Financial motivation is driven by the desire for financial security, wealth, or material rewards. It involves being motivated by the prospect of earning money, achieving financial goals, or enjoying a higher standard of living.

How to increase motivation for sports

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