Training Programs for Lifters Over 40


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Over 40?


Life has just begun.

And “longevity” is what you should optimize for in all your activities. 

If you are over 40, 50, or even 60 and want to get the “ripped” status, it is easier than you think.

In fact, the only factor that might impede your fitness progress is lower testosterone levels. 

You are probably aware that the testosterone hormone starts to decline by the age of 20! However, the decline continues to accelerate as we grow older. 

This impacts the strength and endurance of our physical and fitness performance. 

Lower testosterone levels could be overcome using external sources like the medically prescribed Testosterone Replacement Therapy. 

Furthermore, lifters who have been long in the bodybuilding journey should be more cautious about their joints. 

Other than these little factors, you should see great progress if you follow the right training programs combined with the right meal plans. 

In this post, we compiled three of the best training programs for lifters over 40. 

Let’s go!


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