These 10 Thrillers Will Give You the <em>Jack Ryan</em> Adrenaline Shot You Crave


When the center of your show’s world is a man referred to as the “concierge of crime,” Jack Ryan-esque strategic mayhem is par for the course. A day before Jack Ryan‘s series finale, NBC bid farewell to The Blacklist, the network’s series about governmental subterfuge and murder. FBI’s most wanted man Raymond Reddington, played with unflappable cool by James Spader for a decade, takes viewers into a covert task force built around him, feeding them nefarious criminals they never knew existed in exchange for immunity and, as we learn, much more. The Blacklist excels at its rare ability to balance multiple storylines worthy of their own series in each episode, including Reddington’s paternal connection to one of the FBI agents, the true identity of Reddington (We still don’t know if he’s really Reddington!), and some of the wildest criminal exploits ever. In one episode, men who advocated against abortions are kidnapped, given synthetic uteruses, impregnated by rapists, and forced to give birth to those children or get the abortion they rallied against. And that’s not even one of the ten wildest storylines from the best political thriller NBC has produced in years.

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