How to Lose Stubborn Body Fat Naturally?


Natural or enhanced? 

There is a big difference.

You’ve probably seen a professional overweight bodybuilder in the off-season carrying a lot of fat.

And 3 months later …. 

He or she is stage-ready! 

Ripped, shredded to the bone at 10 – 8% body fat!

If you are a natural lifter or bodybuilder, chances are you won’t even come close to that look in that amount of time.

12 – 16 weeks are over, but you’re still not very satisfied with that floppy look of your lower abs.

Or the few inches remaining on your love handles. 

And you start to doubt yourself and wonder if it’s even possible to lose those stubborn pounds of body fat.

The good news is …

It is absolutely doable for the average endomorph body type. 

So in this post, I’ll share with you 5 tips to shred those remaining stubborn pounds.


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