The Strawberry Girl Aesthetic Is The Latest Food-Inspired Look To Try


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As pretty as the Strawberry Girl makeup already is, you might feel like taking the look a notch further by adopting the whole aesthetic into your wardrobe. No worries if you didn’t get to buy the Strawberry Dress during its peak in popularity in 2020. Go for a pink gingham print and look ready to go on a garden picnic. Red and pink floral and fruity prints on blouses and dresses also fit right in, especially when accessorized with ribbons and ruffles.

For your hairstyle, romantic-looking plaits and buns complement the Strawberry Girl’s feminine appeal. Combine the two into a slightly mussed-up crown braid with soft tendrils framing your face. If you want a less fussy style, leave your hair down in soft waves, maybe accessorized with a cloth headband.

The Strawberry Girl aesthetic is so popular, that it’s even an inspiration for interiors. Ideal Home cited singer Lily Allen’s Brooklyn place as an example of how its elements can spruce up a space: Aside from the pinks and reds on the upholstery, the curtains, and the wallpapers, pastel greens and brown gingham add a homey feel to the rooms. Interior stylist Alex Stubbs told the publication, “The [Strawberry Girl] aesthetic embraces a harmonious blend of coordinating tonal color palettes, incorporating gentle, pastel pinks alongside vibrant fruity reds that infuse a sense of playfulness into the look.” Indeed, it feels like an appropriate last hurrah before the season starts to turn into a cooler, moodier one.


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