12 Makeup Mistakes That Are Aging You And Tips To Fix Them


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Makeup mistakes can ruin your face, and in this article, we share what we know about this topic.

While primer can be one of the easiest ways to achieve a more youthful makeup look, there’s one thing you need to do even before that step. Moisturize. Not moisturizing as part of your makeup routine is a surefire way to age the skin. That’s because anything you put on top of dry, flaky skin won’t look its best.

Makeup artist and founder of Westman Atelier, Gucci Westman, shared his moisturizing tips with Allure, explaining that a light but hydrating moisturizer will work wonders for those who struggle with dry skin. Just don’t go too thick. “Heavy moisturizers are just not compatible with makeup,” makeup artist Sandy Linter shared with Vogue, which is why you may also want to consider a face oil to create that youthful glow.

Moisturizer shouldn’t only be your go-to before your primer and foundation, though. Moisturizer can also have its benefits when used alongside your foundation. Westman actually recommends dabbing a little foundation into a face oil. Mixing the two will leave you looking more fresh-faced, plus your foundation is less likely to cling to any dry patches on the face, sit in fine lines and wrinkles, or get cakey. And all that spells young-looking.

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