Flower Essences: What Are They And How Can You Use The Botanical Tinctures For Healing?


Cook, Motivationist and Nutritionist.

Before you use flower essences, know that we’re talking about a subtle, nuanced approach to emotional balancing that needs your observational skills. We’re used to instant everything, from a jolt of espresso to Google results, but working with gentle, non-psychoactive plant medicine requires more patience.

There are 38 tinctures to choose from, including remedies for terror, lack of assertiveness, despair, and sadness. For example, for someone who feels overwhelmed by too much responsibility and is depressed, elm is a recommended remedy. Of course, if you’ve been diagnosed with depression or think you may have it, consult with a therapist in case you also need medication. For anyone who feels hopeless, the Bach remedy gorse is an option. Beyond these few, there’s a huge range of treatable conditions.

You can’t overdose on flower essences, and if you don’t want to ingest the alcohol, there’s a non-alcoholic version. The basic dose is four drops under the tongue four times a day. For best results, try this protocol for two to four weeks, and it’s best to deal with one troubling emotion at a time unless working with a professional practitioner.


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