6 Reasons Your Tattoo May Be Fading (& How To Stop It)


Cook, Motivationist and Nutritionist.

Colors, in general, have a tendency to fade faster than a black-and-white tattoo, but specific colors are even more prone to fading over time. Lighter pigments like yellow, light blues, pinks, and light greens can fade more over time. These pigments lose their vibrancy over time and often will require touch-ups at least once in a lifetime if not more. If you’re looking to avoid frequent touch-ups you may want to consider going for a darker piece. Just like you should carefully consider getting a matching tattoo, considering the design and color is just as important in the long run. 

A common phrase used among tattoo artists states “bold will hold.” Good Grace’s tattoo explains that bolder ink and thicker line work will settle better into the skin and provide you with a longer-lasting piece. Before your tattoo make sure to talk to your artist to get a realistic expectation of how your tattoo will hold up to the tests of time. If you’re set on doing a lighter-colored piece, be ready to take diligent care of the tattoo after to help ensure minimal fading and proper healing.


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