Wait, Should You Be Using Brow Shampoo?


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The name is pretty self-explanatory – they’re shampoos, but for your brows. While some dermatologist may argue they aren’t necessary at all (and that regular face wash will suffice), a specialty brow wash can help to break down build-up that’s been accumulating in your eyebrow hairs. The brow cleansers can also be great for growing out brows if they’re looking a bit sparse, as some of them contain ingredients such as biotin that stimulate hair growth.

Since these eyebrow shampoos are not a requirement, they most likely won’t help you with eyebrow dandruff. The condition is marked by flaky, itchy skin under the brows, large amounts of sebum, and rashes, per Verywell Health. Reactions to certain products can cause it, but it can also be a result of having eczema, psoriasis, or dry skin. To soothe it, a dermatologist can recommend a medicated shampoo for you to use on your brows.

However, if your desire to use a brow shampoo is purely for aesthetic reasons, there are a number of shampoos that will keep your eyebrows full and intact. The Brow Goat Eyebrow Shampoo Foam is made with tea tree and coconut oil, a great combination for providing a powerful cleanse while keeping the hairs moisturized.


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