What's The Meaning Of An Aster Flower Tattoo?


Cook, Motivationist and Nutritionist.

The Greeks didn’t only attribute the aster flower to the celestial goddess Astraea but to Venus, the goddess of love; and they used it to create love potions! Getting a tattoo of this flower could symbolize love or have celestial connotations (your zodiac sign, maybe?), epitomizing the beauty of nature from the heavens to the Earth.

In America, the aster flower is the birth flower of September, making it an excellent piece for anyone wanting to commemorate a birthday. Many years after the Greeks, the bloom has also taken on a few new meanings, including courage, strength, and wisdom. Some mark themselves with this flower in a shade of blue to show they’re fiercely loyal, often to their family or friends. If you’re purely going off aesthetics, the delicate aster flower is perfect for symbolizing beauty, subtlety, and daintiness.

As you can see, this small flower has a vast number of meanings. It doesn’t have to encapsulate all these representations at once; you can choose what you want your tattoo to stand for. Alternatively, you don’t have to settle on a specific meaning to get an aster tattoo; you can simply think the flower is beautiful and want to always carry its likeness with you. That’s the beauty of tattoos; they can represent so many different things to different people that no two ink stories are the same.


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