6 Fashion Mistakes To Avoid If You're Trying To Dress Taller


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The monochromatic look is king when it comes to dressing to look taller. So big, bold patterns are a bit no-no in the height game. You have probably heard that horizontal stripes make you look wider; they can also make you look shorter. Kate stated in Stylecaster, “Thick horizontal stripes draw the eye across you.” If you want to incorporate stripes into your wardrobe, look for thin, vertical designs rather than thick, horizontal ones. These work to draw the eye downward and give you a bit of length. 

In addition to ditching blocky horizontal stripes, check your closet for busy, big patterns. Large, bold patterns cause the same problems as horizontal stripes, making your eyes go across the body rather than up and down. It’s the opposite effect of what you’re looking for. Rather than bold and beautiful, micro patterns that are vertical are going to be your bestie. For example, you might try a crop top with micro blue squares with a pair of high-rise jeans. The small pattern fills your need for something fun but still looks monochromatic enough to create those long columns.

Colors, style, and fit are the big three when adding a bit of height to your style, but you can’t forget about accessories, either. Find out the don’ts to accessories for a taller you. 


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