The Hush Cut Will Be Your Go-To Hairstyle For Fall 2023


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Though the full glory of the hush cut’s S-curves and soft movement can be seen with longer lengths, it also works well with something as short as a chin-length bob, as seen on Wendy from the K-pop girl group Red Velvet. “The front layers, however short you decide to go, should connect and blend into the rest of the haircut,” hairstylist Marcus Francis described to Bustle. In fact, Hairstyles Feed asserted that the cat pixie is the shortest version there is of the hush cut, with the hair cut in a micro, layered fringe across the forehead then gaining length as it falls over the ears and down the nape. 

No matter the length of your hair, the hush cut is great for trimming bulk. If your hair is naturally dense and heavy, you can get more defined layers so your it looks and feels lighter without sacrificing body. For thin, fine tresses, the layers must be cut subtly to keep them from becoming unruly flyaways. After all, low maintenance hair doesn’t mean unkempt-looking.

As for different hair textures, the hush cut is also versatile. “On straight hair, it can be worth going slightly shorter with the layers to ensure they are visible,” Nother and Latham told Vogue. For wavy or curly hair, it’s best to cut the layers slightly longer to allow for shrinkage. When it comes to bangs, this style goes well with either a blunt or soft, wispy fringe.


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