Sleep Easy With Our Tips For Adjusting To Sharing A Bed With A New Partner


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Between the noise, potential for allergies, and general sensory feeling about circulating air, people either love or hate a fan at night. This can create issues between partners with differing opinions on fans, particularly if one partner is a hot sleeper. While a fan might serve one half of the partnership, it could lead to issues for the other half. Luckily, very small portable personal fans are increasingly available and serve as the perfect way to compromise.

While some are battery-operated, others can be recharged like a phone. Even better, some of these small fans do double duty as lights which can be great if one person likes to read in bed at night. Utilizing one of these small personal fans on a nightstand (or even around your headboard if you get one with a clip or adjustable/wrappable arms) can ensure that one partner receives the circulating air they need to help keep them cool without disturbing the other.


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