What Apple Cider Vinegar Can (And Can't) Do For Your Hair Health


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While apple cider vinegar can absolutely help seal in moisture (thereby reducing breakage and frizz), it can’t repair damaged hair (especially breakage). Plus, for those with damaged hair, it might be better to avoid apple cider vinegar altogether. Gregorio Ruggeri, a certified trichologist and creative director of Salon Ruggeri explained to Elle, “Since ACV is acidic, it can be a bit too strong for anyone who has mechanical damage — say from bleaching, excess sun exposure or overusing hot tools — very fine hair that’s naturally brittle or anyone who has difficulty growing their mane.”

It’s important to take a good look at your hair situation to determine if your hair is strong enough to withstand the acidity of apple cider vinegar. Otherwise, not only will you not be getting the perks of using it, but you could actually be causing more damage. Ruggeri did concede, “If your hair is breaking off, you can put ACV onto the roots, but it should never be applied to the ends.”


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