Dirty Martini Nails Are The '70s-Inspired Green Manicure Trend For Fall 2023


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Going literal with the “dirty martini” reference is also a fun way of interpreting this trend. An olive base with a magenta dot as a stand-in for the olive pit makes for an easy yet eye-catching graphic manicure. You can also go with drawing more intricate details, such as olive dots with metallic studs for pits on a base of milk bath nails. This is a look that combines two trends and transitions you smoothly from summer to fall. For DIY dots, nail artist Miss Pop’s tip (per Allure) is to use the rounded head of a tailor’s pin as a substitute for the nail polish brush. Let the dots dry completely first before adding studs or applying a top coat to avoid smudging them.   

Cocktail motifs for linear nail art are also a nice touch. Remember to use a fine-tipped brush when drawing details so they look clean and sharp. 

Whatever approach you choose for your own set of dirty martini nails, remember that applying a base coat and a top coat will help keep your manicure looking fresh while also protecting your nails. A few drops of cuticle oil after a manicure also prolongs it, thanks to the extra layer of protection it offers (per Byrdie). In fact, keep your nails hydrated and strong by regularly massaging cuticle oil on and around them. That way, they can be great canvasses for all of your nail art ideas. 


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