We've Found The Perfect Transitional Nail Trend For Fall 2023


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Naked nails took off over the summer, as a nod to both summertime whites and also as part of the stealth wealth luxury look. While we can’t say we love the unattainable ideal behind the stealth wealth aesthetic, we do love the versatility of naked nails. The subtlety of the color palette and, in some cases, even sheerness, make it an ideal choice for matching a wide variety of clothing styles and colors. This means you never have to worry about clashing with your outfit, and your nail choice will be appropriate for more conservative places like work, while still being fun at brunch.

Naked nails can mean everything from a manicure with no polish (dubbed a ‘no-nicure’) to a light creamy or sheer natural-looking polish color. The overall aesthetic, according to Juanita Huber-Millet (founder of nail-bar chain Townhouse) “is a great way to add to the ‘clean girl’ look.” She further explained to Harper’s Bazaar, “It’s also just a healthy expression of natural beauty.” By letting your nails shine in a neutral or non-existent color you can celebrate the beauty of your manicure without the added distraction of bright colors or designs. This is especially great for Fall as we move away from the bright and fun colors of wedding season, summer vacations, and warm nights, and get back to our daily routines.


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