How To Create Shadow And Dimension On A Narrow Face


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Aside from enhancing your naturally beautiful features, contouring is all about the sculpting effect that it gives the face. The process uses darker shades to create shadows and hollows. As a result, your face may end up looking slimmer, which may not be what you want if you have an already narrow face. To make your face look a bit wider, focus on highlighting rather than contouring. Brightening up these specific areas draws the eyes to them, creating the appearance of a wider face.

To make the highlight look more natural, opt for a face gloss that won’t add any shimmer to the face. Then, apply it in all the places that the sun would naturally hit your face – above the cheekbones, on top of the brow bone, and on the edges of the forehead. To avoid further lengthening the face vertically, don’t highlight the nose bridge or chin, as this can make the face look longer.

When contouring, start out with a little bit of product and build your way up. Place the product under your natural cheekbone to make the cheek appear fuller. To accentuate your cheeks, smile and tap your blush onto the apples of your cheeks.


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