The One Type Of Jewelry You Should Never Wear On An Airplane


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Who What To Wear spoke to a TSA representative named Lisa Farbstein to understand what types of jewelry you should never wear on a flight. Her number one piece of advice was not to bring any large jewelry to avoid being flagged, potentially leading to a pat-down by an unenthusiastic TSA agent. 

“Pass on anything super large and bulky earring-wise. The machine is looking for your body, and if all of a sudden something is protruding from your body, the machine might trigger an alarm. TSA officers don’t want to give pat-downs, and travelers don’t want to receive them,” she explained.

According to Rellery, bulky jewelry is defined as any pieces that appear big when worn. Some examples include bangle bracelets or Lou Link earrings. It’s best to leave these pieces at home or put them in your carry-on bag before going through security to ensure a hassle-free flight.


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