The Low-Maintenance Bang Styles That Make Changing Up Your Look Easy


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Although they are the least low-maintenance of all the bang styles on our list, blunt bangs are not as daunting as they may seem. Thick blunt bangs hang at one length across your forehead without any wispy or feathered pieces, giving a straightforward, even look with minimal movement. Length-wise, they can range from above the eyebrows, also known as micro bangs, or right at the brow. Their vibe can range from cute and retro to edgy and bold — a perfect option if you’re really trying to shake up your style. “Blunt bangs are a very flattering look for all face shapes, and a quick way to change up your look entirely in one haircut,” celebrity hairstylist Andrew Fitzsimmons told InStyle.

It is ideal to get trims around every six weeks with these bad boys to avoid pesky cowlicks (and so you can actually see). As for styling, opt for a blow dryer and a round brush. You can also opt to sleep with a silk scarf so they don’t get messed up while you’re in bed, allowing you to wake up to your blunt bangs in the perfect place. And if your hair runs on the oiler side, dry shampoo is key.


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