The Common Product That Can Help Get Rid Of Lipstick Stains


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When it comes to stains you don’t want to mess with, lipstick is right up there in the top ten. And yet, accidents happen, don’t they? One moment you’re applying the perfect pout, the next, you’ve accidentally dropped your lipstick tube and created a vivid, fire-enging smear along your white shirt. You might also have tried to wipe away that cherry red smudge with water, only to have the smear grow even bigger. Maybe you’ve even tried using regular soap to no avail, so you’ve decided it’s time to give up and buy a new top completely.

While stained clothing and skin are never fun, it doesn’t mean you don’t need to throw out your favorite top just yet. Instead, reach for the petroleum jelly. Yup. Using the greasy jelly to fight your pigmented lipstick nightmares might seem weird, but it  turns out, the product melts the lipstick right out of fabrics and off the skin.

How to remove lipstick stains from clothes with petroleum jelly

The key to cleaning your clothing with petroleum jelly is less is more. Don’t create another stain by applying too much petroleum jelly in your clean-up adventure. Therefore, dab a little on your finger and carefully tap the stain to evenly disperse a small amount, trying to stay directly on the stain. If you aren’t feeling the finger method, a small cotton ball or a cotton swap can work to apply the jelly too. Wash in cold water to avoid setting the stain. Do not dry the clothing until you’re sure all the stain is gone. It’s the same principle as not using hot water since the heat from the dryer will set the stain. If the stain looks gone, allow it to air dry and check it again. Blot any remaining stain with a bit of rubbing alcohol and rewash. 

Using vaseline to remove stains from lips

You use the strong stuff to avoid leaving lipstick wherever you go, from your boyfriend’s cheek to those cloth napkins at your friend’s dinner party. It doesn’t matter how much you wipe your lips; the scarlet lip stain clings to your lips like a second skin. But not every occasion calls for fire engine red lips! Remove the deepest lip tints in minutes with nothing more than a jar of petroleum jelly.

Grab a good amount of petroleum jelly and slather it on the color. Work it around with your lips for about two minutes. Wipe everything off with a cotton swab or dark towel that will not likely stain. No aggressive wiping is needed. It’s amazing how the stain slides off your lips. Not only does the color melt off, but your lips feel hydrated. Finish off with a lip scrub to exfoliate and a bit of lip balm to make sure everything is hydrated.

Removing lipstick from your clothing or skin can be a nightmare. It doesn’t matter what you do; the color seems to move around and stain everything it touches. Rather than scrub your face raw or throw away your favorite band T, blot it with some petroleum jelly and call it good.


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