Sole Tattoos Are Gaining Popularity — But They Come With A Caveat


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We think there’s more than one caveat to sole tattoos. But the first thing you need to know is that your sole tattoos may fade more quickly than any other tattoo location. Unless you live year-round in an 80-degree climate and your job is to remain barefoot and off your feet, you most likely wear shoes. Like, a lot. And sometimes socks. All the friction from both of those items will, over time, cause your tattoo to dwindle.

Caveat number two: Your feet are more boney than fleshy, so be prepared for an intensely painful experience. Gay Dumaguing shared on that it’s a great idea to use a topical analgesic gel, pain relieving cream, ibuprofen, and, we’d add, several shots of tequila.

Caveat number three: Before you start drinking, check in with your tattoo artist and get a clear list of your aftercare do’s and don’ts. You may not be able to wear shoes for three weeks after getting work done on the soles of your feet. You could wrap your foot in plastic wrap before putting on shoes and socks but double-check first. Know that peeling is going to happen. We’ve got some great tips for surviving the tattoo peeling stage.


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