Simple Tips To Fake A Voluminous Ponytail When You Have Fine Hair


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And we do mean literally flip for because that’s the main premise of these hair hacks. Chris Appleton’s mini-pigtail-flip hack, seen in the above video, is perfect if you want to rock the fun and full, half-up-half-down pony that’s currently trending (primarily due to our Barbiecore obsession). Simply take the front of your hair, from your hairline to the crown of your head, and split it into two tiny pigtails. Secure them with small elastics close to one another at your crown. Next, connect them with a third elastic. 

Finally, flip them through underneath by pulling the pony from back to front. Cinch it down and let it waterfall out, hiding all the elastics and giving the illusion that you have tons of hair. Kick the volume trick up another level with Appleton’s stacked-double-flip-through hack. To start, pull half the half pony from the first trick up to your crown. Instead of pigtails, secure it all with an elastic, then separate it in the middle to pull the hair underneath and through. 

Next, grab enough hair for another ponytail below the first, secure it with the original one, and pull everything through the uppermost pony with a flip. Fellow hairstylist-to-the-stars Cynthia Alvarez uses a similar technique minus the flipping. She sections the hair in half horizontally and stacks one ponytail using the top portion directly over another ponytail using the lower hair, to create additional volume and the illusion of fullness (via InStyle). 


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