Here's Exactly How A Four-Day Workweek Could Impact Women


Cook, Motivationist and Nutritionist.

Probably the most impactful benefit of a four-day workweek is having more time for yourself. While parenthood can be an important aspect of life, women’s worth has far too long been associated with how good of a mother they are. Therefore, instead of continuously helping others, the four-day workweek could provide women the opportunity to finally focus on themselves.

Getting rid of the standard five-day workweek allows for one day each week to be dedicated to yourself and your mental health. You can enjoy a three-day weekend holiday or give a new hobby a try. Even if it’s only one day, having that additional time off could prevent burnout and improve your overall mental well-being. A four-day workweek alleviates work stress by reducing the number of weekly working hours, giving you the opportunity to take care of yourself.


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