New Active Alert: Succinic Acid Is Here To Fight Your Acne


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As we mentioned, you shouldn’t expect anything too harsh when trying out succinic acid. Unlike a lot of acid products, it actually soothes the skin, works against inflammation, and kills bacteria at the same time. It can also be applied not only to treat current breakouts but also to prevent further ones from forming. That’s because succinic acid helps prevent Propionibacterium acnes, which is known to cause breakouts. “[It] helps control sebum (oil) production and bacteria levels in the skin, making it useful for those who suffer from breakouts,” aesthetic doctor and skin expert, Dr. Sophie Shotter told Women’s Health. After using a product containing succinic acid (it’s more common to find it as an ingredient in other products rather than on its own), you should expect your skin to feel less oily as it rebalances the skin’s pH and makes it less prone to recurring breakouts.

But that’s not all it’s known to help. The acid can also boost the skin’s hydration, reduce the appearance of blackheads and fine lines, and thanks to the fact that it’s an antioxidant, it can reverse skin damage from the likes of pollution or UV rays. “Succinic acid helps to boost your cellular renewal, which means it’s helping to boost how well your skin cells are functioning,” Dr. Shotter noted.


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