How To Make A Slouchy Suit Look Effortlessly Chic Instead Of Sloppy


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A suit set is an outfit in itself. You don’t really need much to make it work, but attention to detail is key to elevating the look.

However, slim-fit suits have officially been replaced. Oversized is the new go-to silhouette when it comes to wearing suits. They’re versatile enough to be worn to the office and to a casual outing at the same time. Designer Gaelle Drevet weighed in on the slouchy suit trend in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar. “It incarnates a different type of seduction based on personality and that adapts well to every body shape,” she told the outlet.

Yet a slouchy suit can easily look like pajamas if not styled properly. For an effortlessly chic look, you’ll want to add some definition to the overall outfit to balance out the suit’s slouchiness. Celebrity stylist Maeve Reilly advises choosing one aspect of the look to highlight. “It’s all about dressing for your body type, so think what is the most flattering thing or feature you love most and show that off,” she told Harper’s Bazaar.

Go monochrome

A monochromatic feel will instantly bring the chic factor to any outfit. The same goes for a slouchy suit — all you need to make an oversized suit stylish is a top in a matching color you’re going to wear underneath the blazer. Mind the texture and the fabrics as well. For example, if your suit is silk and gray, opt for a silky gray top as your base piece. Depending on your preference, experiment with a crop top or a blouse. To balance the all-one-color outfit, go for darker accessories and chunky jewelry.

Add a hint of color

If an entire look in bolder colors is a bit much for you, add just a hint of it. Since color isn’t the main event here, go for a darker, neutral-toned suit set, as that will create contrast and make the color addition really stand out. For a more minimalistic approach, add a pop of color with a brightly colored base garment. A bold shoe and chunky jewelry will elevate this combo further. If you still want more, make the accessories colorful as well.

The power of bold accessories

A slouchy suit looks great paired with a basic top. However, the overall vibe can be underwhelming if you’re staying within a neutral color scheme. If you’re looking to add depth to the outfit without incorporating color, bold accessories can make all the difference. Statement jewelry has the power to completely change how the entire look feels; an interesting twist would be mixing gold and silver jewelry. For a touch of cool, opt for pointy or square-toe shoes that will peek from underneath your trousers. To complete the look, add sunglasses with a bold frame and a leather shoulder bag.

Make it a colorful suit set

Incorporating a pop of color into your outfit can make you look purposefully styled, so why not take it a step further and make the whole look colorful? Opting for an oversized suit in a bold color conveys confidence and conviction about your style. Start with a matching set and opt for accessories within the same color family. Darker shades might not look the best with a bright color as they can easily overshadow it and create too much contrast, so stay with the bold color scheme overall. Go all out with a statement jewelry piece, as more is better here.

Black accents

A suit set isn’t just for the office; a slouchy suit can be your go-to outfit for the summer. Just make sure it’s linen, as it’s the warm weather staple fabric for a breathable outfit. Lighter colors are more summer-appropriate, mostly for practical reasons, but there’s also no better time to rock your whites and creams. To avoid looking bland in a neutral-toned oversized suit, create contrast by adding black accents. A black tube top, some bold sandals, and a leather bag would perfectly counterbalance the suit’s loose form with its structure.

Do a short suit set

Your slouchy suit doesn’t have to mean stuffy, long trousers. If you live in a warmer climate, play around with Bermuda short or mini skirt suit sets. Linen is again a good choice here, but if you’re looking to rock the short set in any other season, you’ll want classic suit materials like wool and cotton. Dad sneakers are a good footwear choice if you want a more casual look, and a tote bag ties everything together neatly. If you want to counterbalance the menswear aspect of the suit, pair it with a barely there heel and a baguette shoulder bag with sequins.

Pure white slouch

Most of us know an all-white outfit is the ultimate look of luxury. Since everything is going to be white in this outfit, focus on silhouettes and material. A sneaker and a mid-sized leather bag casually balance out the suit’s loose silhouette, while a pointy pump and an interesting clutch will add a more delicate touch. If you want a contrasting piece, add a bold pair of sunglasses.

Boot your suit up

For a modern and edgy approach to styling a slouchy suit, tuck the trousers into knee-high boots. To make the look work effortlessly, choose a neutral shade suit and boot. We personally recommend black as it’s a great transitional shade. A black slouchy suit with a black base piece and  leather boots is a sure-fire combo for a chic look. To take it over the fashion-forward finish line, create a color block by adding a bag in a bold color.

Layer with a white button-down

The classic white button-down simply goes with everything, slouchy suits included. For contrast in the overall structure, a slim-fit button-down is going to work very well by adding structure and polish to an otherwise loose silhouette. But if you’d rather keep things casual, you can go for an oversized version of the basic, leaving a few buttons undone. The hint of bare skin will be the unexpected chic turn in your slouchy look. Add larger but basic accessories to round off the outfit.

Mismatch the suit set

Mismatching a suit set might sound counterproductive, but it can make so much sense if done right. For this styling route, it’s easier to go with neutral shades, as they work best together. A darker bottom is better than a darker top here, as the look is more balanced that way. Pair it with a lighter, yet still neutral-toned, blazer and minimalist accessories. Heels and dainty jewelry are a good choice for a touch of femininity, as is a smaller handbag. If you’ve been thinking about styling the skinny scarf trend, this outfit is perfect for adding one.


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