All The Leather Jacket Styles To Choose From For A Cool, Chic Fall Look


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While this next piece isn’t a leather jacket, the leather vest still deserves an honorable mention as a trendy leather outerwear piece for this fall. Of course, you can wear it on its own as a singular outerwear garment, but the leather vest is much too versatile for just one look. Consider layering a leather vest with other outerwear as a great way to incorporate this piece into your fall wardrobe. Though there are many different styles of leather vests to choose from, we’re showcasing a longer version to demonstrate the ways in which you can change up a look by adding a leather vest on top. Using a longer vest as your final, outer layer means that you can wear jackets in a variety of lengths underneath, while still making the outfit feel cohesive.

If you would like to opt to layer a leather vest over a leather jacket, choosing two different kinds of leather (patent and suede, for example), or two different leather colors can add visual separation and interest to your outfit.


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