The Viral Beauty Trend That Turns Your Eye Bags Into A Work Of Art


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Inspired by the TikTok creator @evyxobby, Nikkie de Jager-Drossaers (more commonly known as NikkieTutorials) uses rhinestones to turn her eye bags into an artistic masterpiece on Instagram. “To me, this just further proves that rhinestones are the answer to everything in life. If you wake up looking like a zombie? Rhinestones!” Starting with a bronzing eyeshadow from her own Beauty Bay Pressed Pigment Palette, the creator diffuses her upper crease, adding a silvery shade to the center of her lid. Next, she focuses on her under eyes, underlining them with a thick matte black shadow before blending down with a cool-toned gray. Although the shadow may look a bit scary at this stage, don’t worry. Rhinestones, lashes, and a black wing will tie it all together later. 

After blending your eyeshadow base, glue gems in an upside-down triangle below your eyes. “It’s grunge but glam… I am not mad at this!” says NikkieTutorials, who also shouted out Uncle Fester from “The Adams Family” in her Instagram caption. Like Nikkie, finish off the look with a lip liner and gloss, adding a generous amount of rosy blush to your cheekbones.


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