What To Know About The Viral & Relatable 'Delusionship' TikTok Trend


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It’s perfectly normal to daydream, and what better way to play out a fantasy life or relationship than by plugging in a new and mysterious person, right? Whether it’s a way to try out someone new or even a way to re-write the past, delusionships can give people a way to work out not only potential compatibility questions but also their own relationship requirements. Plus, by fantasizing about your part in a delusionship, you are not only acknowledging your own worthiness in a relationship, but maybe even coming to terms with what you want or need from someone else. Fantasizing about finding love could mean you’re ready to start truly pursuing it in reality.

Quinn elaborated, “Real-world dating can be confrontational and disappointing. Investing in the fantasy of a perfect partner, without ever having to deal with really being in a relationship with them, can act as an effective buffer to a reality that you just don’t want to confront.” This can be particularly useful for those who might still be recovering from heartbreak or those who haven’t yet defined what they want in a romantic partner or relationship. Using delusionships to play out how you do or don’t like certain relationship outcomes can ultimately help you realize what you want. Sometimes you need extra time alone to figure these things out, and delusionships can be an easy, fun, and low-stakes way to help you work through it all.


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