We're Sorry, But Dyson's Hair Products Can't Be Duped. Here's Why


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You’ve probably seen the commercials of Sir James Dyson explaining his vacuum cleaners, but how does that relate to your hair? One of the key differences that separates Dyson products from the many dupe products out there is the lack of heat damage. Dyson prioritizes the health of a person’s hair within all of its haircare products by creating tools that ensure your hair stays stronger in the long term. For instance, the Airwrap utilizes something known as the Coanda effect, in which high-velocity air creates a kind of vortex inside the rounded shaft of the tool. This allows you to dry and style your hair with substantially less heat damage than a traditional blow dryer or curling iron.

Dyson also utilizes what it refers to as flexing plates for its Corrale straightener, which allows you to use less heat to achieve the same smooth look as a regular straightener. As most of us know, straighteners have a tendency to be very damaging, so the Coralle advertising that it creates half the thermal damage of a regular plated straightener is an absolute game changer. Dyson also recently released the Airstrait, a wet-to-dry straightener that causes no heat damage by utilizing air. In fact, Dyson advertises the Airstrait as capable of propelling 11.9 liters of air through the machine per second. This new technology dries and straightens your hair at the same time, saving you a LOT of time while ensuring your hair remains smooth and frizz-free. (This technology is incredibly unique, so please don’t try to wet straighten your hair with a dupe product.)


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