Tips To Protect Your Hair From Summer Shedding


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In addition to keeping your body hydrated, you may have to take steps to give your hair a bit more hydration as well. This is where a deep conditioning product, leave-in conditioner, or hair mask can be your best friend. Applying a hair mask before bed at night can give your hair a much-needed drink and allow your strands to soak in all the hydration and nutrients that will help make them stronger and healthier to prevent summer shedding. “This allows maximum penetration of moisture, lipids, and proteins to penetrate the hair cuticle to serve as the best foundation for the hair to retain elasticity and strength,” trichologist Bridgette Hill told Byrdie.

Masks can include a number of ingredients — such as apple cider vinegar, eggs, honey, olive oil, and more — to help strengthen and nurture your mane. The right conditioner can also help your hair hold in extra moisture following washing, giving your strands more bounce and helping to prevent damage throughout the day. “Using a conditioner smooths the hair’s cuticles, adds body, and essential ingredients. It also makes the hair easier to comb when wet which avoids further breakage,” Lucy Chen, M.D., revealed to Well+Good.

Picking up a product at the store or creating a mask at home is easy. Some simple research can tell you what you want to know about all the different hair products and their uses.


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