The Ultimate Playbook For Dressing Modestly And Still Looking Chic Year Round


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There’s nothing more chic than a modest skirt that keeps you cool. With a silk or satin material skirt, you’ll have an interchangeable basic in your wardrobe that can keep you cool in the summer and warm in the fall or winter. For those humid months, a light-colored slip skirt with slits on the side (tongue twister, right?) will help keep you cool while circulating air throughout the body. For cooler months, opt for dark colors made with warming materials like velvet, denim, or nylon. According to Marie Claire, they’re also great for those of us who struggle with traditional skirt hemlines, as they hug your waist while flaring your hips and legs.

Slip skirts are also a great basic to add to your closet, often best paired with basic tops and sweaters or paired with a blazer. As explained by modest fashion influencer Luley Jeylani, it’s best to “take your basic summer essentials to the next level by investing in high-quality fabrics that can last you throughout the summer and beyond,” she explained to Byrdie. Having those essential basics like a slip skirt, bodysuit, or modest tops can help you create more looks with only a few materials.


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