Major Red Flags You Shouldn't Get A Tattoo


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Getting a tattoo can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars, as well as require hours of your time. A reputable tattoo artist should always discuss pricing with you ahead of time, and will generally have a breakdown of cost per hour or according to the size and design of your tattoo. In other words, tattoo pricing is generally transparent.

In the spring of 2023, a TikTok user named Courtney Monteith shared a video outlining a troubling experience she had with a then-unnamed tattoo artist. Eventually dubbed “tattoogate,” the woman described alleged predatory pricing from the tattoo artist, which included a $180 charge for a deposit, as well as a $1000 fee for the design and consultation for a fox tattoo Monteith wanted on her arm. 

When Monteith was unhappy with the sketch she received, the artist allegedly required more money in order to redesign the initial sketch. Users were quick to comment, warning her against moving forward with getting the tattoo and paying more money.  One user commented, “I’m 70% covered in ink. I’ve never had an artist charge for a concept or a consultation. RUUUUN!!” If you are ever concerned about the pricing of a tattoo, don’t hesitate to request a breakdown of pricing or consult with another shop or artist if you feel you need a second opinion.


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