Is An Epilator The Key To Avoiding Razor Bumps? Here's What To Know


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Unfortunately, no beauty product comes without a few cons. For example, epilators have a tendency to irritate the skin, especially for those of us who are sensitive to new products. The first few sessions can also be slightly painful, according to beauty blog DenisaPicks. Frequency will ease the pain of using an epilator, but it may be best to start with a waxing session to anticipate the pain level. If you’re someone who identifies with sensitive skin, you may suffer from redness or breakouts following an epilator session — but don’t worry! Follow up with anti-inflammatory skincare, like aloe vera, witch hazel, or niacinamide to help ease some of the pain. 

According to board-certified dermatologist Dr. Jessie Cheung, “Removing hair at the root will give longer-lasting results than shaving, and repeated plucking can cause the follicle to scar down and stop growing hair,” she explained to Forbes. Essentially, there’s an equal balance between pros and cons that make epilators a great choice for those who use them efficiently. With any luck, you’ll have smooth and shiny legs, armpits, and anywhere else where you desire a clean canvas.


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