How To Quell Your Professional Jealousy (It's Normal, Btw)


Cook, Motivationist and Nutritionist.

Buddha highlighted that attachment and desire is the source of all suffering. Insecurity, hunger, and jealousy are all symptoms of attachment. These emotions are based in the habit of looking at what’s lacking — the glass half empty — rather than gratitude for the reality of what’s right in front of you — half a glass of water. Gratitude is an excellent weapon to battle jealousy, but is it enough to change your attitude? 

Expressing gratitude through tangible generosity can be a more work-centric way to help adjust your professional jealousy, while also staying on task. Generosity at work can be as simple as sharing your intellectual property or pertinent information, lending a helping hand by using your unique skill set, or simply giving extra time and attention to a shared goal. Sound familiar? Sure, these might be the very “extra” things you were doing to catch a reward, promotion, or add a credit to your toolbox. But what if you shifted your thinking and let go of your attachment to the outcome of your efforts? 

Studies have shown that practicing generosity is good for you. Not only do those around you receive the benefits of your efforts, but you feel better about yourself and your own aspirations. What are some of the specific ways you can practice generosity while continuing to strive toward your professional goals, maintain your personal boundaries, and stay healthy in the workplace? 


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