How To Make The Locket Trend Work As An Adult


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It’s not the end of summer without the beginning of locket season. Whether you’re becoming a necklace layering pro or exploring the endless possibilities of a nameplate necklace, there’s always room for a signature locket necklace. Contrary to popular belief, they’re not just a symbol of youth reserved specifically for kids — there are a number of ways to make the locket trend work as an adult. From romance to friendship to small keepsakes, lockets have been passed down through folklore as personalized accessories to hold your deepest treasures safe and close.

According to Wonther, the rich history behind lockets runs deep. Until the 17th century, lockets were designed as amulets and worn to protect from danger, disease, and other evils. As personal touches became more important, lockets were created with fabric, perfume, and tiny portraits that were dear to each holder. As the British monarch grew and gave way to popular leaders like King Charles I, lockets became even more popular as they represented the public’s allegiance — or opposition to — the British monarch. Slowly, lockets became a way to represent political ideologies, family pedigrees, and much more.

In the 21st century, lockets have become popular symbols of girlhood, playfulness, and identity. Lockets are an everyday accessory held close to our hearts, often created with the chance to be personalized, gifted, and worn with pride. More importantly, lockets are for everyone, and making the trend work as an adult is far from difficult. We’ve got the best tips for you to rock the timeless look.

Pair a sentimental locket with a turtleneck

As the seasons change, one of the easiest ways to incorporate the locket trend into your adult life is by wearing it over a sleek turtleneck. Dress up a plain colored turtleneck with a chunky necklace, especially one that can symbolize a personal and sentimental object. Some examples of meaningful and matchable jewelry include Kindred Row’s Engravable Heart Locket ($84), Uncommon Goods’ Personalized Meaningful Message Locket ($78), and Wonderlust+Co’s Fortune Cookie Gold Locket Necklace ($65). These lockets can be worn every day, styled with almost any clothing item, and enhanced with personal touches.

Turtlenecks can also help accentuate your locket to appear more sophisticated and elegant, as sleek turtlenecks are often more associated with adult fashion. According to New York stylist Lisa Von Weise, both assets should complement each other. “It should not, in any way, fight with the neck,” she explained to HuffPost. “A turtleneck can kind of make you feel a little closed up, and the look is a bit Victorian, but you’ve really got to do something with all that empty space there.” With a turtleneck, an empty space is opened up with the opportunity to style.

Heart shaped lockets

Lockets are best used for their ultimate purpose: to celebrate love. There’s no doubt that heart-shaped everything is here to stay, and lockets are no exception. In fact, they’re the most simple and easy way to celebrate love. If ordinary or sentimental lockets aren’t your thing, a simple heart-shaped locket can help introduce you to the locket trend without overdoing it. Kate Spade’s My Love Pavé Heart Pendant ($61) offers a simple gold chain with a pearly white pendant, which is a great example of embracing the locket trend while embracing minimalism.

If a thick pendant isn’t your vibe, there are also thinner lockets that provide a more dainty look. Kendra Scott’s Ari Heart Gold Pendant Necklace ($50) is a perfect example of an asymmetrical chain and pendant that comes in a variety of colors. These heart-shaped pieces can be paired with a turtleneck, v-neck tee, or sweater; you’ve got tons of options. Necklaces may not feel like your thing, but a heart-shaped locket might be your newest obsession.

Oversized lockets for Y2K fashion

Y2K fashion is back and better than ever, baby. Last but certainly not least, use chunky lockets to achieve a Y2K-esque style and avoid wearing a traditional locket. According to InStyle, Vanessa Mooney’s Holy Heart Choker ($84) is a great example of a unique locket, choker, and Y2K staple. It’s an oversized locket that perfectly symbolizes what Y2K fashion is all about, while still sporting the chicness of modern locket trends. Pair it with an open-neck, turtleneck, or plain sweater. Rather than subscribing to the locket trend immediately, spend some time exploring fashion throughout time — like the punk and oversized style of Y2K fashion. We can’t wait to see what you’ll do.


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