How Bleaching Your Hair Can Become An Orange Nightmare


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To understand brassy hair, one has to understand how hair lightening works. When bleach is applied to hair, it cause a chemical reaction that strips the hair of melanin, aka the pigment that gives your brunette hair its color. According to John Freida, those warm orange and red pigments that make your brunette hair come to life in the sunlight are also the hardest for bleach to eliminate. Therefore, it’s always best to talk to a cosmetologist about going from brunette to blonde to ensure the process is completed perfectly.

While having darker hair is the most common reason your tresses came out orange after bleaching, it’s not the only reason out there. Dark blondes going to light blonde can also encounter the dreaded brassiness. This typically has less to do with the hair shaft’s orange molecules and more to do with hair mineral build-up. In addition to hard water build-up, John Freida pointed out how pools with chlorine and salt water can lead to brassiness in blondes. With the reason behind your brassy situation nailed down, it’s time to fit it ASAP.


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