Here's How To Nail The Angel Wing Eyeliner Look


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Once you’ve mastered drawing angel wings, try creating bigger shapes and more elaborate lines using white or pastel hues. Williamson’s tip, shared on, is to “[use] a lighter iridescent or white eyeshadow to sketch out where you want to place your eyeliner.” She also advised looking straight ahead when making your angel wing outline so it avoids your natural crease. Even if you are into creating even more experimental looks, such as TikToker @sourandnasty who drew wings under the outer corners of her eyes, a straight gaze helps you gauge the symmetry of your lines. Keep checking for balance as you draw and fill them in. 

Similar to last year’s trendy fairy wing eyeliner (as reported by Pop Sugar), the delicate yet playful lines that you draw in white or pastel are easy to play up with some sparkle. Add to the wings’ ethereal appeal with metallic eyeshadow, glitter, and rhinestones. 

With precision key to pulling off the angel wing eyeliner look, make sure you have the proper tools. An extra-fine eyeliner brush, preferably one that works well with either cream, gel, or liquid liner, can achieve the clean, fine lines any winged liner look requires. Beginners can also benefit from using an eyeliner stamp to create instant symmetrical wings. In case of mistakes, a makeup eraser pen can do spot cleaning and keep the rest of your makeup intact. Finally, the classic Q-tip is always handy to keep around for quick makeup fixes.


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