'Gray Blending' Puts A New Twist On Traditional Salt And Pepper Hair


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Gray blending is a hair coloring technique in which your hair stylist will create a beautiful gradient of sorts. It’ll bring depth to your hair by dyeing your tresses with darker and lighter colors closest to your existing hair color to create a striking contrast. This will create a seemingly natural look that doesn’t mask your grays but helps them pop by giving them a canvas to shine against. Traditionally, gray blending looks similar to a balayage or highlights due to the interplay of colors.

With gray hair blending, the customization options are endless. You can decide how prominent you want the gray to be. If you want to keep things subtle, you can go for baby lights that accentuate the gray while keeping your darker hair front and center. For more comprehensive coverage that looks natural, get balayage-esque blending done.

If you have super dark hair, you can use your natural silver-toned hair to create a darker contrast that almost glows against the base. And you can even give your silvery strands a metallic, copper tint to create a unique look. Your best bet would be to work with your stylist to find a style that fits you like a glove. 


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