Everything You Need To Buy To Create A Fall Capsule Wardrobe


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The most anticipated part of fall: layering. More specifically, layering your favorite sweaters, flannels, and button-ups in order to achieve the perfect fall look. Some of the best and most easily layered items include cashmere sweaters, according to celebrity stylist Sofia Karvela. “They’re warm enough that you don’t need to layer but sleek enough that you can wear them over a tee without looking bulky,” she explained to Today. “Throw a bright color into your fall rotation to add some light to darker, colder days.”

Similarly, flannels and button tops are also a great way to layer and add depth to your outfit, like Gap’s Flannel Big Shirt ($70). Pair these thin flannels with a simple t-shirt or with thicker accessories, like a hoodie, turtleneck, or sweater. Once you’ve conquered the art of layering, you’ll be able to discreetly repeat outfits without anyone knowing.


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