Easy Steps To Help You Achieve Smoother, Silkier Hair When Styling


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Achieving silkier hair is dependent on two key factors: Wash frequency and the products you use. Along with taking one break between wash days so your hair can release its natural oils, some beauty experts recommend finding a shampoo that contains a protein like keratin. Keratin helps to reduce frizzy fly-away hairs, while strengthening the hair cuticles and softening the hair shaft. Note: Certain hair types can be protein-sensitive, so it’s important to consult your stylist about what your hair needs are.

Beyond finding a good quality shampoo that works for your hair, it’s important to find a good leave-in conditioner. This is separate from the regular rinse-out conditioner that you use in the shower. Instead, apply this after showering and before styling to protect your hair from breakage caused by a brush, comb, or heat styling. Many leave-in products come with built-in heat products, which are important for maintaining moisture if you’re reaching for a blow dryer or flat iron.

Another product that is good to reach for is a detangling spray. While brushing your hair when it’s wet isn’t advised because of how vulnerable the strands are, attempting to detangle post-shower knots will only make this problem worse. Opting for a good quality detangling spray can support your hair during this process. Some sprays may need to be washed out of your hair though. So, if you’re using a detangler after your shower, look for moisturizing ingredients that will protect your hair.


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