Capri Comeback: How To Style The Sartorial Staple In 2023


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The variety of styles of capris can vary greatly, sometimes more that other staple pieces of a wardrobe. You can add to a more fashion forward summer look with distinct “tea length” pants that have a little flare or something extra you’ve added yourself. Capris can be much more than a way to cool your ankles on a Florida beach. With a higher hemline, you, as well as the designers, have an opportunity to emphasize bolder choices like buckles and buttons, fabric and color shifts. Any additional adornments adds more flare to the full look as the actual distance of the entire outfit is closer to the average eye-line. 

Sure, capris can add a few years to your vibe,  but what’s wrong with a little maturity? Creative designs that come from the runway typically come with “mature” price tags. So don’t be afraid to take those capris off the beach and into more formal situations if you find a design that has a little more “extra” at the hemline.


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