Athluxury: What To Know About The Comfy Fashion Aesthetic


Cook, Motivationist and Nutritionist.

Varsity jackets might be the most timeless vintage piece. They’re simultaneously a symbol of youth, playfulness, and fashion-forward thinking, stitched to be durable during spring or winter. They’re perfect to wear alongside short skirts or one-piece dresses, and can be cropped or fit loosely to look oversized. As brand director of Depop, Steve Dool, explained to The Zoe Report, “Varsity jackets have come in and out of style at various points over the years, but brands like Ralph Lauren, Kith, and Aimé Leon Dore are making them popular again among people who are evolving the classic streetwear touchstones into a prep hybrid style.” So what are you waiting for? It’s time to layer up. 


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