Alphabet Dating Is The Viral Trend Perfect For Spicing Up Your Boring Date Nights


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While there’s no set rules for how to go about alphabet, most people who swear by the trend spend a week’s worth of time on each letter. The first week starts with A, then B, then C, and so on so forth until you’ve conquered several months. As sociologist Dr. Jess Carbino explained, “Having the alphabet be the source of inspiration for different date ideas is quite easy and clever, and can add something more interesting to what could otherwise be monotonous,” she explained to Well+Good. There’s something about ABC dating that challenges the monotony of a typical relationship.

Over time, you’ll gradually work your way through the alphabet, which will require creativity to keep the sparks alive (We’re already wondering about ‘Q’ week!). If you’re already in a relationship rut or just curious to see how the trend can unfold, introduce the idea of ABC dating to your partner and see if they’re willing to give it a try.


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