6 Colors To Wear To Make Your Blonde Hair Pop


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To “pop,” to “highlight,” to have your goldie-locks, and thus your bold, carefree, and joyful personality, “stand out,” can be as simple as pairing your blonde with just the right hue in your wardrobe. As they say, “Blondes have more fun.” (Do people still say that?) Stemming from a Clairol hair salon color advertisement during their 1950s “Only her hairdresser knows” campaign, it was the norm to pretend you were divinely adorned from the age of womb with perfectly sculpted hair and nails that only grow in socially acceptable places. Even biology and the Gods follow fashion trends.

As silly as it is, many of us still react to the “golden” (pun intended) rule that to be blonde is to be admired for a unique and playful set of personality traits sought by all including Eros dipped Cupid arrowheads. For the purpose of this article and our visual impact on all who gaze our ways, let’s play along too. Keep reading to discover the six most essential colors to help keep blondes bold and brave and having even more fun.

Red, red, oh, and red

Oh the endless stories of the timeless “lady in red.” Yes, red (like black) looks good with every hair and skin tone, but there’s just something relentlessly compelling about the alchemy of blonde and red. Why does it work so well? Like a cave-person bowing to the sun, perhaps all the implied fun in both of these classic visual stimulants combined is just too much for our brains to handle so we must fall to our stupefied knees and simply worship this blonde and red duet instead.

Teal tenacity

Symbolizing individuality and renewal, teal tends to couple effortlessly with blonde. The perfect combination of blue and green, teal—also known for its calming effects—brings an ocean like grounding quality, yet still, playful energy to the fun-in-the-sun mane. Blue-green eyes and blonde hair are often coveted combinations when it comes to popular features in our celebrity idols like Charlize Theron and Scarlett Johansson.


There’s an effervescence in a good blonde hairstyle reminiscent of the bubbles in champagne or sparkles in the stars. Something about blonde feels alive with its inherent refractions of light and what happens when a flash from a camera gives off the luminous optics of a crown. The same can be said for an outfit made from metallics. The vividness of an ultra shiny outfit and blonde hair just seems to match the aura to the halo and double down on goddess level glow.

Matching neutrals

Take the boom, boom pow out of the glittery metallic fabrics and simply match in monochrome. Neutral looks can make the boldness of blonde hair appear more exceptional and sophisticated. Done the right way, an all neutral palette screams for the same attention as flaming red but without so much as a peep. Think of the ways that the contrast of negative space and color blocking can turn on a spotlight. 

Black, the ultimate contrast

The experimental American dancer and choreographer Merce Cunningham once said, “Contrast is drama.” Known for movement work that makes sharp edges and takes surprising turns, Cunningham delighted in creating from the age-old wisdom of chiaroscuro, the Theory of Relativity, and our very human ways that we can’t seem to grasp an idea with out something in which to compare it. Simply put, you’ll never go wrong with a black and blonde combo. A little black dress will always be a thumbs up as an ideal contrast to make blonde hair sing.


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