10 Versatile Foods


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There are plenty of versatile foods out there that have limitless possibilities and stand out for their own distinct taste: pasta belongs in cheese and onions can be overwhelming, but what about foods that work no matter what you make with them? Various foods can be used as a blank plate for endless recipes. Read on for a list in the produce aisle and some delicious ways you can use them.

10 Versatile Foods

1. Mushroom

Decorated mushrooms that everyone wants at the party. Mushroom recipes go well with drinks, whether they are soft drinks or juices, stuffed mushrooms or in pickles and even raw in salads.


  • stuffed mushrooms
  • Vietnam beef and mushroom


2. Potatoes

In most Western cuisines, potatoes are at the fore. Potatoes are used in soups, salads, and sides. They can be baked, boiled, fried, mashed, roasted, and even microwaved. It can become French fries, homemade French fries, French fries, chips, leatherettes, latkes, tater tots, and even pasta like gnocchi.


  • Mexican Sausage, Poblano Pepper, Potato Taco
  • old potato salad




Raw or cooked peppers, green or red, bring a lot of color to the table. They can be used as a garnish, in stir-fries, in leafy salads, and even for dips, sauces, and chutneys.


  • Italian stuffed pepper

4. Cabbage

The mainstay of cabbage salad, raw cabbage adds crunch to just about anything. But it can also be stewed, stewed, or boiled and takes on the flavor of spices and the flavors they go with.

  • Peanuts and citruses

5. Eggplant

The eggplant absorbs other flavors, mainly because of its porous texture, while still keeping its full and juicy taste. It can be roasted, fried, grilled, or baked in kitchens ranging from Italian to Asian.


  • Portabella stuffed with dandelion

6. Tofu

Soy-based tofu is known to be bland on its own, but this makes the perfect sponge for whatever flavor you cook it with. It’s a great source of protein or a meat alternative and it tastes good baked, fried, grilled, crumbled or shaken. Just be sure to press it down before cooking to get the excess water out.


  • Shrimp Pad Thai

7. Carrots

Raw or cooked carrots, large or small, can be used for just about anything – including desserts.


  • Asian soba noodle salad

8. Cauliflower

Cauliflower is finely ground into soup, roasted and served raw with dipping. But this versatile vegetable can also replace less healthy foods in meals like cauliflower-fried “rice,” crunchy pizza, and vegetarian “buffalo wings.”


  • Mashed cauliflower

9. Banana

Bananas are arguably the least flavorful of any fruit. It can be enjoyed raw or cooked, mashed or sliced, in the healthiest smoothies and desserts.


  • Banana-Pecan French Toast

10. Spinach

You might think of raw spinach as the perfect base for a fresh salad. Or maybe you prefer to stir-fry some and serve it with eggs in the morning or as a main course of meat or pasta at night. No matter what you decide on, everyone can agree that spinach packs a lot of nutrients without being overpowering in flavor.


Spinach, brown rice and beetroot salad

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