The Shoe Choice That Will Add A Bit Of Grunge To Your Favorite Little Black Dress


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There are tons of platform shoe styles out there, from towering platform heels to stompy loafers. However, the pair of shoes that will give you the most edge are platform boots. Strappy heels have their time and place, but there’s nothing like a platform boot to elevate a look. By simply replacing your tired heels with some Doc Martens platforms, you’ll be giving your look a whole new vibe.

The heaviness of platform boots will add instant coolness to any look, but particularly when paired with a traditionally feminine item like a little black dress. Note that platform boots are typically heavier than heels to walk in and can make your ankle feel weighed down if you’re not used to them, so perhaps wear them around the house a bit first. 

Still, if you’re not a fan of a super grungy look, there are plenty of other platform shoes to choose from.


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