Say Goodbye To The Dreaded White Cast From Mineral Sunscreen With These Tips


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Whether it’s in lotion or spray form, it is all about the blending technique. Opting for a spray version of mineral sunscreen can offer a more lightweight solution that may spray on white, but blends more easily than lotion with a sheer finish. The spray delivery system allows for a lighter and evenly-distributed application, helping to avoid a layer of white chalkiness on the skin. The finely milled particles in the spray formulation help minimize the risk of a visible white cast to ensure a more seamless and natural look. 

Additionally, mineral sunscreen sprays offer the advantage of being easy to reapply every two hours throughout the day, making it a convenient choice for on-the-go sun protection. It is vital, however, to follow proper application techniques, such as holding the bottle close to the skin and spraying in a sweeping motion, before then thoroughly massaging it in for full coverage and effectiveness.


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