Powder Brows: Your Guide To The Semipermanent Makeup Option


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Of course, the big benefit of powder brows over other methods is how natural it can look as the final result appears as if it’s been done with a powder. That’s why it’s perfect for those who want a more natural effect as that can’t always be achieved with other methods. It also doesn’t leave harsh lines on your brows during the healing process, due to the innovative dot application.

Equally, powder brows are a great option for people with sensitive skin, as it’s not as invasive as other methods. Those with oily skin also tend to see better results than microblading because oil can struggle to hold the pigment and it fades faster. Plus, it’s also a great option for people with thinning brows. That’s because it gives the option to fill in sparse areas without looking out of place amidst any natural hairs.

But, like with many procedures, it’s not for everyone. In fact, there are a few categories of people who will want to stay away from the powder brow chair. If you have a serious illness or are receiving treatment for a serious illness, are taking blood thinning medications, pregnant or nursing, have had Botox or fillers within a few weeks of the procedure, or have skin irritation, you’ll want to speak to your doctor or brow professional first.


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